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Primed Cabinet Doors

  • Our priming capabilities allow you to outsource the time consuming process of prepping and priming your doors, drawer fronts and mouldings. Outsourcing primed products reduces VOC emissions and increases the efficiency and throughput of your finishing area.

  • MDF – A 48-pound density MDF material. MDF products are limited in designs options.

  • Our primer is a white, post catalyzed, acid cured primer, compatible with many high quality topcoats.

  • Prior to priming, the substrate is prepared to accept the coating material. Putty is applied to the joints, open-end grain, tear ours and other visible voids. The product is then hand sanded to remove excess putty and provide a smooth, uniform surface to accept the primer coat.

  • After curing, doors are inspected, individually wrapped, then packaged and shipped.

  • There are thousands of topcoats available to paint residential cabinetry. While many of these products may work in combination with our primer, we recommend only acid cured conversion varnish topcoats.

  • Prior to applying topcoat to a primed product, customers should scuff sand the primer using 320-grit sandpaper no more than 24-hours before applying topcoat. All surfaces must receive this sanding step to achieve a mechanical bond and to avoid telegraphing.

  • Our primed products receive one coat of putty prior to application of primer. Smaller voids will become apparent after the primer has been applied. These voids are acceptable and will require a second coat of putty by the customer prior to painting.

  • Conestoga’s primed products are manufactured using substrate materials that will expand and contract with fluctuations in climate, temperature and humidity. The movement of the substrate will cause fracturing anywhere sub-components have been joined together.
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