Heatshield Fillers
Heatshield Fillers are recommended for kitchen cabinet installations where heat sources are a concern. They are pretested to 250º F+ without delamination. Heatshield Fillers are made of postformed 180º profiled components.

Produced from the same thermoplastic as the cabinet doors, these fillers are a perfect color match. They are available in most colors.

Available in 4-ft (5315) and 8-ft. (5316) lengths.
Specification: Each length is supplied with a 1" edgebanding strip. After cutting the Heatshield Filler to size, use the edgebanding strip to finish the ends.
Installation Information
Base Ovens and Cook Tops: The Heatshield Filler is mounted flush with the adjoining door parts. The same recommendation applies to cook tops with front exhaust vents. Fillers provide a barrier to shield excessive radiant and convective heat. This protects the doors from oven heat when the oven door is slightly opened and during the self-cleaning process.
Wall Mounted Ovens: Heatshield Fillers are recommended in wall mount applications. A horizontal filler should be placed above the oven units with a 5/8" to 3/4" horizontal lip mounted just below the doors as shown below.
Wall Mounted Microwave Ovens and Undermount Coffee Makers: The Heatshield Filler should be mounted flush or protruding slighlty beyond the face surface of the doors. This prevents possible surface damage and swelling of the core material from excessive heat or steam.
Counter Top Appliances: Care must be taken when using toasters, toaster ovens, portable grills and other heat/steam generating appliances to insure that upper wall doors are not subjected to excessive temperatures.