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Acrylic Doors and Drawer Fronts

Level Series, Acrylic Profile

Ultra high gloss acrylic on the face with a melamine back and NAUF core. ABS edgebanding options include Matching, 3D Aluminum, Steel Gloss, or 2-part (on White, Black or Ruby Red).

Accessories are limited to overlays, cut to size panels, Norlam and PSA.

Example Image Details

Material: Top to Bottom:
Ivory with 3D Aluminum Edgebanding
Ruby Red with Matching Edgebanding
Black with Matching Edgebanding
Dark Grey with 3D Aluminum Edgebanding
White with Matching Edgebanding

Available Materials
Name: Dark Grey Acrylic
ID: 15000
Group: F
Name: Black Acrylic
ID: 15001
Group: F
Name: Ivory Acrylic
ID: 15002
Group: F
Name: Ruby Red Acrylic
ID: 15003
Group: F
Name: Blue Acrylic
ID: 15004
Group: F
Name: White Acrylic
ID: 15005
Group: F
Name: Wired Bronze Acrylic
ID: 15006
Group: F
Name: Wired Copper Acrylic
ID: 15007
Group: F
Name: Wired Cobalt Acrylic
ID: 15008
Group: F
Name: Wired Mercury Acrylic
ID: 15009
Group: F
Name: Glass Green Acrylic
ID: 15010
Group: F
Name: Graphite Acrylic
ID: 15011
Group: F
Name: Amethyst Acrylic
ID: 150012
Group: F
Name: Sapphire Acrylic
ID: 15013
Group: F
Name: Champagne Acrylic
ID: 15014
Group: F
Name: Smoke Acrylic
ID: 15015
Group: F
Available Edgebanding
2 Part
3D Aluminum
Steel Gloss
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