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Aluminum Frame Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Our goal is to assist you with EASY online quoting and ordering! Competing websites with shopping carts focus on stocked products with limited choices. Instead, we've developed an easy-to-use fillable quote form for each of our 10 door types. This is the best way to empower you to carefully choose from our huge selection of designs, materials, finishes, profiles and many other custom options perfect for your project! Our method makes an otherwise complicated process of selecting Kitchen Cabinet Door and Drawer Front details, as stress-free and thorough as possible. As you navigate through our website, you will find further quoting instructions. Most quote requests are answered in one to two business days.
We are proud to represent Element Designs, the leading designer and manufacturer of Aluminum Frame kitchen cabinet doors. Our custom aluminum frame cabinet doors are a contemporary addition to residential and commercial interiors. Whether kitchen cabinet doors, office furniture doors or closet storage or furniture accents, aluminum frame doors are made to our customers’ specifications and include all functional and decorative hardware borings.

The aluminum frames which come in a variety of finishes provide endless design possibilities when combined with our numerous glass, 3form and custom insert options.

With no minimum order quantities and a quick lead time, our modern cabinet doors are ideal for both remodeling and new construction projects.



How To Order Aluminum Cabinet Doors
1. Download the Aluminum Cabinet Door Request for Quote Form (in PDF format) which allows you to tab through the information blocks and type your answers. We suggest you save it to your computer desktop and print a back-up copy. You can then attach the completed PDF quote form in an email to us or fax or mail the quote form to us. (Be sure to have the latest version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded here.)

2. Choose one of our ten Aluminum Door Profiles from the above profile pictures.

3. Choose from one of our Door Panel Inserts above.

4. Drilling for Hinges: We offer to drill the doors for hinges. We only supply hinges for door profile AF001. We drill our hinge holes 3 1/2" on center from the top and bottom of the doors. If additional holes are needed they will be drilled on center of the two outside hinges. AF001 profile hinge is H73T550A and mounting plate is HP173H710.

Our standard drilling pattern is for Blum hinges. We can email you Blum hinge information (in a PDF format) if you desire this option. If hinge requirements do not meet our standard type or location, customers must then specify hinge manufacturer and provide boring pattern & location at the time of ordering.

We will drill the doors for Left, Right, or Opening Up applications. Drawer front applications will be drilled by the customer.

5. Decorative Hardware Boring Location: Our doors will be bored for a knob in the center of the door profile and at a standard location of 2 1/2” from the top or bottom of the door opposite of the hinges. The boring will be located at the bottom of the door for a wall mount or the top of the door for a base mount application. Please specify Wall or Base mounting on the order form.

Application Examples
Endless options ensure functional and attractive cabinet doors for kitchen, bathroom, closet, drawer, and office applications. Our aluminum frame doors commonly accent maple, cherry, oak, white, stainless steel, and many other types of casework. By using natural materials, aluminum cabinet doors will bring timeless design that will last for years to come.
As the European market has embraced aluminum doors over the last decade, their popularity in the United States is quickly growing. They can be used as accent doors, upper doors, or in complete kitchens. These doors bring life and enhance their surroundings wherever they are found.
Our doors can be used in new construction or remodeling. If you are a custom cabinet builder or a do-it-yourselfer, this product will fit your needs. You may choose your unique Profile Type, Glass Insert Type, and then specify door size, hinge and hardware borings. We will take care of the rest! The doors are delivered ready to accept your concealed hinge and mount onto your casework.

We are very proud to say our doors are made in the USA! And we offer a delivery time of three to four weeks from order placement.

Let us help enhance your casework with Aluminum Frame Glass Doors on your next project!

Aluminum Frame Glass Cabinet Door Features
Face Frame & Frameless Construction: Our philosophy with our aluminum doors is, “a box is a box…what the face of the box looks like, tells the story”. Our doors can be used in just about any mounting application. Specify hinge type and appropriate dimensions and we will take care of the rest.

Made in the USA: We said it before and we will say it again, “Our doors are and our aluminum extrusions are made in America”!

Craftsmanship: Our aluminum doors are assembled with pride as well as the discriminating eye. The doors are inspected prior to shipment to you, that they meet all of our finished door criteria.

Fully Assembled: You tell us the door size, what and where to bore and we deliver a complete, turnkey cabinet door to your site.

Custom Door Sizes: Our doors are made to your size requirements in both height and width from a minimum door / drawer size of 6” up large doors to 86”.

No Minimum Orders: We ship one or fifty doors at a time to fit your need.

Two-Year Limited Warranty: We guarantee our doors are free from defect when they arrive to you. Our doors will not deteriorate, decompose, discolor, or change in any way during their lifetime.

Environmentally Friendly Materials: The doors are made of recycled natural aluminum and all of the scrap from your door manufacturing process is recycled.

Natural Aluminum Finish: Our doors have a high quality clear coat satin anodized finish. The Annodization process adds a protective coat to help prevent scratches. As a result, our aluminum doors maintain their durability.

Several Glass Insert Options: Choose from our five unique glass options to create the look you desire for your casework: our glass thickness is 5/32” / 4mm.

Safety Glass: All of our glass is safety glass. All of our glass options are either tempered (which prevents the glass from breaking into sharp pieces) or it is laminated with a backing to prevent glass from breaking apart.

Ease of Cleaning: Our Aluminum Cabinet Doors will not fingerprint as may other metals and our Frosted (Acid Etched) Glass also resists fingerprints better than typical frosted glass.

Hardware: Maple Craft USA offers narrow aluminum profile hinges for our aluminum doors.


Our wide range of residential applications includes kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets and home offices. Possible commercial applications include retail space, office space, health care facilities, and restaurants. The possibilities are literally ENDLESS.


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