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Painted Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Our goal is to assist you with EASY online quoting and ordering! Competing websites with shopping carts focus on stocked products with limited choices. Instead, we've developed an easy-to-use fillable quote form for each of our 10 door types. This is the best way to empower you to carefully choose from our huge selection of designs, materials, finishes, profiles and many other custom options perfect for your project! Our method makes an otherwise complicated process of selecting Kitchen Cabinet Door and Drawer Front details, as stress-free and thorough as possible. As you navigate through our website, you will find further quoting instructions. Most quote requests are answered in one to two business days.
A wonderful world of rainbow colors are available to you for your cabinet door project! We now offer a huge selection of factory painted Colourtone and Sherwin Williams colors. You can choose from over one-thousand standard paint options. We also offer custom paint matching. See some of the painted finish options below. For the manufacturer or do-it-yourselfer, we offer MDF (medium density fiberboard) unfinished or primed doors and drawer fronts.
1. Colourtone Colors: This is the most economical option! Select from our most popular colors. Recognized as providing one of the highest quality finishes for the kitchen industry. Our ever-expanding palette of color and treatments provide endless possibilities to set your kitchen apart.

2. Prism Paints: Select from 1,100 standard paint colors. A spectrum of colors can be yours with our Prism Paint program. With more than 1,000 colors to choose from, Prism Paints provide the colors you need to make your next kitchen project truly unique. Whether your finish is traditional or something out of the ordinary, why not let us finish your next painted kitchen or cabine project?

EXPERIENCE: Since 1986, Maple Craft USA has been offering the highest and best quality CNC routed products available anywhere. With a highly talented work force, MCUSA continues to lead the industry in offering what is new, cutting edge, and the next wave of design in this part of the industry.

QUALITY & TECHNOLOGY: We are leading the way in the Painted cabinet door industry! We have invested in highly accurate machines using Diamond Tooling. Our manufacturing process includes sophisticated, computer-assisted machinery. Plus we offer progressive yet hands-on Finishing. We are committed to providing customers the best, highest quality products available anywhere.

QUALITY, VARIETY AND DEPENDABILITY - its what you've come to expect from each of our premium finishes, and the Prism Paint program is no exception.

In addition to a complete range of wood components, the Prism Paint program features:

  • Conversion varnish topcoats, one of the most durable in the industry
  • Available with Paint Grade Hard Maple, MDF and Hybrid (maple framing and MDF panel) substrates
  • Loose paints that can be purchased in one and five gallon increment
  • A comprehensive fan deck, showing samples of the nearly 1,100 colors
  • A one-year limited warranty on both materials and workmanship
1000's of Sherwin Williams Paint Options!
Very popular Classic White Shaker kitchen
PRODUCTION ABILITIES: CNC routed door manufacturing technology has developed quickly, giving rise to the development of additional related products. We can do high volume contract work, meeting the needs of many of our price-point customers.

ENVIRONMENTALLY AWARE: We are conscious of the environment and concerned about our future! Therefore we recycle most production waste (i.e. Medium Density Fiberboard, particle board, and any metals and papers).

Great Products! Great Service! Great Prices!

Follow the links below to view options for Paint Colors, Door Designs, Edge Profiles, and other options.

Follow the steps below to submit your quote request:
1. Download our latest PDF which allows you to tab through the information blocks and type your answers. We suggest you save it to your computer desktop, then attach the completed PDF quote form in an email to us. (Be sure to have the latest version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded here.)

2. Select Wood Species. We highly recommend choosing MDF (medium density fiberboard) as your material for painted doors and drawer fronts. MDF provides the most stable substrate for a variety of painted finishes. Other options include Hybrid (Paint Grade wood frame and MDF panel), Paint-Grade Wood and Paint-Grade Hard Maple.

3. Choose from Wood Cabinet Door and Drawer Front Designs.

4. Choose your Wood Profile Options.

5. Select Special Options.

6. Select Other Products.

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors
Prism Paints in a Variety of Finishes
Colourtones in a Variety of Finishes
* Sage, Sandstone, Slate Blue, Burgundy and Creamy Butter are now Prism Finishes.
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