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Wood Valances and Fillers

Maple Craft USA now offers custom wood valances and custom wood fillers to
compliment your custom kitchen needs.
  • Arched Raised Panel Valances are avaialble in 3" increments from 30" to 72".
  • Minimum size is 30" wide x 12-1/2" high. Framing width is 2-3/4" stiles, 2-5/16" rails, 1-1/2" upright mid-rail. The distance from the most narrow point to the widest point is always 4-1/2" regardless of the valance width.
  • Horizontal grain panels are standard, while vertical grain is available with an upcharge.
  • The design is standard as shown. Individual designs, including applied mouldings, can be ordered. Please send us your specifications and we will provide a special quote.

Product Offering and Availability:

  • Wood Species: All 3/4" and 1" species are available, except 1" rustic knotty species.
  • Edge Profiles: Machine Edge, no other choices are available.
  • Framing Beads: All 3/4" and 1" framing beads are available.
  • Panel Raises: All 3/4" and 1" panel raises are available.
  • Options: Pegs, Distressing, Cross Grain Sanding, Radius Corners, Wear Sanding, Putty Pin Holes, & Cut Down in Width options only.
Arched Raised Panel Valances
Slab Profiled Valances
  • Custom Straight, Scrolled, Scalloped, and Roman Arch Valances are available in a 6" width only. English Country Valances are available ina 5" width only.
  • Lengths:
    Straight, Scrolled, Scalloped, and Roman Arch: 12" to 96"
    English Country: 12" to 99"
  • Each of the profiled valances will vary in appearance depending upon the desired length. Bottoms of the Scrolled, Roman Arch & Scalloped will vary.
  • If more information is needed than is described here, please contact our office.
Fluted Fillers
  • Fluted fillers are used to fill in the gaps in kitchens. They are generally 3" in width but they can be ordered in custom widths made up to 15-15/16".
  • They are available in our standard species offerings, including MDF. All fillers are 3/4" thick.
  • Choose from either Tapered or Rounded flutes. If not specified, flutes will be produced using the Tapered design.
    Fillers can be made for Wall Cabinets or Base/Tall Cabinets.
  • Non-fluted or "Flat" areas are standard as shown, but can be customized to meet your design needs. Simply specify the flat dimensions desired. Specify "Flats to measure 0" to extend flutes the entire length of the filler.
  • Number of Flutes is based upon the width indicated. Custom Flute spacing is available. Contact our office to receive a special quote.
3" to 7-15/16"
No. of Flutes
One Flute Per Inch
Edge Profile Option
  • Fluted fillers come standard with a Machine Edge, but can also be ordered with a variety of edge profiles including B-2, C-2, LC-2, L-059, L-061, L-149, PRS-2, V-2, and L-686.
  • Beveled edge profile selections include the L-151 (45 degree back bevel) and L-423 (22-1/2 degree back bevel).
  • Premium edge profiles include the LC-Inset and the Sophisticate edge. Upcharges apply.
3" and 6" Fluted Fillers with Rosettes
  • Fluted fillers can be ordered in 3" or 6" widths and custom lengths in whatever species that we offer.
  • Rosette Fluted Fillers can be ordered in Tapered or Rounded Flute Design. Rosette fluted fillers will be manufactured as "tapered flute" unless otherwise specified.
  • Rosettes may be added to the bottom of these fillers for an upcharge. The position of the bottom rosette will mirror the placement of the top rosette.
  • Standard measurements for Wall and Base / Tall fluted fillers are identical with the exception of the length of the unfluted area on the bottom. Wall fillers are manufactured with a 2" unfluted area, Base / Tall fillers are manufactured with a 6" unfluted area.
  • Flat dimensions (length of unfluted area) at ends of fillers are standard as shown. Specify custom flat dimensions if desired. Specify "Flats to measure 0" to order flutes extending the entire length of the filler on the bottom only. Top flat may not measure less than 3-3/8".

How To Order Wood Valances and Fillers:

Email, fax, or mail your specifications for Wood Veneers or Plywood. Be sure to include the following:

1. Wood Species
2. Design Name
3. Exact Sizes Required (See Limitations)
4. Thickness (Standard is 3/4")
5. Specify for Fillers: Tapered or Fluted; Wall or Base / Tall; With or Without Rosette
Specify for Arched Raised Panel Valances: Framing Bead and Raise; Special Options Required
6. Edge Profile (if Applicable)

Special Note: Please send us a drawing to clarify any non-standard requirements.

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