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Veneer Cabinet Doors

Maple Craft USA offers the warm, comforting feel of high pressure flat, single piece, flush veneer cabinet doors and drawer fronts. These doors, only available in the highest of the high end kitchen cabinets, are now available to you. You will appreciate the sophisticated styling, designer feel, and performance that our veneer cabinet doors bring to the kitchen, bathroom, office, closet, basement, garage, or other cabinetry.

Contemporary: The look of the high-end cabinet is available at a modest price. Many of the world's most expensive homes are clad with the flat, sleek, European design cabinet doors, often incorporating veneer cabinet doors.

Designs: The doors are available in the following designs.

Red Oak Veneer
Metro Door Style
Maple Veneer
Covara Door Style
Cherry Veneer
Fusion Door Style
Figured Anigre Veneer
Nova Door Style
Carmelized Bamboo Veneer
Fusion Door Style
Birdeye Maple Veneer
Fusion Door Style
Black Walnut Veneer
Metro Door Style
Wenge Veneer
Metro Door Style
Zebrawood Veneer
Metro Door Style
Wood Species: We use only the best quality sliced timber veneer. Choose from Rift Cut Red Oak, Quartersawn Maple, or Quartersawn Cherry. We also offer beautiful exotic veneers shown above. Contact our office for availability.

Uniformity: Grain and color consistency are big advantages in selecting veneer cabinet doors. Our designs come with matching backs (veneer that matches the face of the door).

Stability: Veneer cabinet doors maintain their size. The core of the doors are made from a new grade of high-performance particleboard. This material never warps and maintains the shape of the doors for years to come. Download this PDF to learn more about Core Material.

Friendly to the Environment: Using veneer gives us greater yield from our hardwood resources. Using MDF core material is very environmentally friendly by using wood materials formally considered waste. MDF is unique as it utilizes recycled waste products.

Technology: Using state of the art equipment, Maple Craft USA delivers high quality products in a prompt lead time.

Follow The simple steps below to start the process . . .

How To Order Veneer Cabinet Doors
1. Download our latest PDF which allows you to tab through the information blocks and type your answers. We suggest you save it to your computer desktop, then attach the completed PDF quote form in an email to us. (Be sure to have the latest version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded here.)

2. Select a Wood Veneer from above. They include:

Rift Cut Red Oak Veneer • Quartersawn Hard Maple Veneer • Quartersawn Cherry Veneer
Figured Anigre Veneer • Caramelized Bamboo Veneer • Black Walnut Veneer
• Birdseye Maple Veneer • Wenge Veneer • Zebrawood Veneer

3. Choose a Door Design from above: They include Nova, Integra, Metro, Fusion and Covara.

4. Choose Veneer Sheets: You may order veneer sheets in 48" x 96" to compliment your veneer cabinet doors. Special Note: It is not possible to guarantee an exact color and grain characteristic match of the veneer sheets to the veneer cabinet doors. Yet look will be consistent with wood species requested. These veneer sheets are pre-backed and pre-sanded, but we would recommend that some light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper be done prior to finishing to touch up the veneer and eliminate any handling marks.

Special Note: All orders of veneer doors and drawer fronts come unfinished.

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