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Specialty Wood Veneers and Edge Banding

We offer a full line of specialty wood veneers and edge banding.
Wood Veneer
Wood Veneer types include:
  • 10m, 20m, 30m
  • Cross Wood (wood backed)
  • Phenolic
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Jet Ply (aircraft)
    • Jet Ply I
    • Jet Ply II
    • Jet Ply III
Wood Species Available include:
  • White Ash (F/C)
  • White Birch (F/C)
  • Cherry (F/C)
  • Honduras Mahogany (F/C)
  • Maple (F/C)
  • Red Oak (F/C)
  • White Oak (F/C)
  • Walnut (F/C)
  • Over 135 additional domestic and exotic wood species. Contact our office for a complete list.
Available in the following sizes:
2' x 8'
4' x 8'
4' x 12'
5' x 8'
5' x 12'
8' x 4'
12' x 4'
10' x 5'
2' x 10'
4' x 10'
4' x 14'
5' x 10'
5' x 14'
10' x 4'
8' x 5'
12' x 5'

Wood Edge Banding

In stock and ready to ship, we have miles of banding on hand at all times!
Edge Banding Types include:
  • Fleece Back Non-Glued (500-ft. rolls)
  • Fleece Back Pre-Glued (250-ft. rolls)
  • Pre-finished Non-Glued (500-ft. rolls)
  • Pre-finished Pre-Glued (250-ft. rolls)
  • 1, 2 & 3mm thick wood edgebanding

Other Edge Banding types include:

  • PVC (.018, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm)
  • Polyester
  • Melamine
Wood Species include:

Red Oak
White Oak

Sizes include all widths from 5/8" to 2-5/8"
Why Buy Specialty Wood Veneer and Edge Banding from Maple Craft USA?
  • We will match most any pricing available in our industry.
  • We ship until 5:00 p.m. EST.
  • Most stock orders placed by 5:00 p.m. will ship the next day.
  • Most non-stock special orders are available in 2 weeks or less.
  • We try to match every wood veneer order for color and grain consistency rather than ship the first available sheets as most volume factories do.

Our Inventory

  • We stock every size between 5/8" and 2-1/2" in both pre-glued and non-glued wood edgebanding in Birch, Cherry, Maple and Red Oak. Material is cut and ready to ship.
  • We can ship most any burl or exotic wood veneer sheet on the day it is ordered.
  • 10', 12' and 14' lengths and 5' width veneers are available to ship the same day. Crossgrain (8' x 4') is available to ship the same day in most basic species.
  • Crosswood (reverse grain wood backer) in exotic species is available to ship in 2 weeks.
  • 20 mil-backed veneers are available to ship on the same day in almost any species.
  • Panolamo and Panvalo PVC matches are stocked in most every color made by Panolamo and Panvalo. Most of the new colors are available. Pre-glued polyester is stocked in most colors.
  • Pre-finished wood edgebanding is in stock in 5/8", 13/16", and 7/8". Other sizes are available. Pre-finished veneer sheets are also available.
  • Most any laminate or melamine color is available in PVC in 2-3 days. Non-stock items and special orders are available in 2 weeks and minimums are only 3,000-ft. for most items.

How to Order

  • Fax, e-mail, or mail your wood veneer and wood edgebanding requirements.
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Local Phone: (814) 402-1731 • Local Fax: (814) 402-1734