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Wood Cutlery Dividers

Maple Craft USA now offers wood cutlery dividers, knife block inserts, and spice tray inserts to be used inside our wood dovetail drawer boxes or plywood drawer box systems. All are custom made to your specifications.
  • Available in Aspen and Hard Maple.
  • Butt joint construction. Pinned with 1/2" headless pins.
  • 3/8" sides interior and exterior.
  • When ordering specify design A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H.
  • Specify depth and width in 1/16" increments. Both dimensions are from outside edge to outside edge.
  • Depth for all designs must be between 16" and 22". Refer to specific design for width range.
  • Please specify exact dimensions of cutlery divider (w x d x h) when ordering. We do not want the overall outside dimensions of your drawer box.
  • To order custom size cutlery divider, specify the depth, width and design separately and lable "Custom".
  • Standard height is 3-1/8". Height modifications available.
Reduced Height Option (upcharge)
All divider designs can be reduced in height for specialty applications.
Specify divider height when ordering.
Minimum divider height with bottom is 1-5/8".
Minimum divider height without bottom is 1-3/8".
No Bottom Option (no upcharge)
All cutlery divider designs are constructed with a 1/4" bottom unless "NO BOTTOM is specified.
Knife Block Insert
  • Knife block and handle rest are unfinished Hard Maple mounted on a prefinished 1/4" bottom.
  • Slot spacing is 1-1/4" between slots.
  • Minimum Inset: 7-1/2" wide x 16" deep.
  • Maximum insert: 21" wide x 22" deep.
Spice Tray Insert
  • Available in Aspen or Hard Maple.
  • 3/4" diameter finger hole centered on lead rail for ease of removal from a drawer box.
  • Spice rests are 5-1/4" wide, 1-1/2" high.
  • Minimum insert: 7-1/2" wide x 17" deep.
  • Maximum insert: 32" wide x 22 " deep.

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