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How To Measure Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

The Tools You Will Need:
  • Tape measure, pencil, note pad

Measuring Openings:

  • The door measurements are determined by the type of hinges that are used while hanging the cabinet doors. The most common type of hinge used in the cabinet industry today is a concealed hinge. This hinge is not visible when looking at the face of the cabinet. There are a number of different overlays, each determined by the hinge that you will be using. The following method allows for a 1/2" overlay of cabinet openings.

  • Make sure there is at least 5/8" clearance around all openings.

  • Always write the width first.

  • Example: width 14" x 30 height"

  • Measure all door openings, including drawer fronts and false fronts, to the nearest 1/8" and write sizes on a note pad. To prevent ordering errors, it’s best to measure each opening twice. Doors and drawer fronts will be custom made to the sizes you specify and can not be returned.

Figuring Order Sizes:

  • Add 1" to the width and 1" to the height of each opening size* (This allows for a 1/2" overlay of cabinet openings).
    When figuring ordering size for split door openings (two doors covering the same opening), add 1" to the height; then add 1" to the width and divide by 2 and subtract 1/16". This allows for 1/8" gap between doors.

  • Split Door Example:
    36" + 1" = 37"
    37" ÷ 2 = 18 1/2"
    18 1/2" - 1/16" = 18 7/16"

  • Order two doors to cover any opening more than 22" wide.

  • Enter final sizes on your notes.

  • Using a separate sheet of paper enter actual custom sizes and quantities you wish to order.
    Fill out our Order Forms for Wood Cabinet Doors, Thermofoil Cabinet Doors, Painted Cabinet Doors, and Veneer Cabinet Doors

  • Remember you're ordering size needs to include the 1" calculation. If you order by the opening size it will be too small.

  • When ordering for overlays of different dimensions (3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2") substitute these number for the 1" overlay numbers noted above.

Drawer Boxes

The easiest way to measure drawer boxes for existing cabinets is to measure the boxes that are currently in the cabinets and order drawers the exact same size.

If you are building cabinets from scratch the best way to measure for drawer boxes is to first determine what type of cabinet construction is best for you. There are basically two types of cabinet construction,

Face Framed and Frameless

For Face Frame Cabinets: The general rule is that drawer boxes are sized 1” smaller than the opening, both in height and width. This allows you to use drawer slides that will take up 1/2” on either side, as well as allowing clearance on both the top and the bottom of 1/2”. Please consult the specifications from the drawer slide manufacturer before placing your order with us.

Frameless Cabinets: The same principle applies with 1” added to the cabinet box opening inside width and by adding 1” to the measurement of the inside top of the box to the top of the door. This allows for the proper clearances. Again, please consult the specifications from the drawer slide manufacturer before placing your order with us.

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