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Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

Popular Thermofoil Door Designs and Colors
Too see all designs, colors and other options, download our full catalog (PDF).
Model: SLAB 00F
Color: R205W
Model: SHAKER 764
Color: P340W
Model: SHAKER 141
Color: K01W
Color: C92W
Color: R207W
Color: R92W
DESIGNS: 70+ different door designs! These include square, arch, cathedral, and half circle designs in rounded or square corners. We also have Shaker style doors as well as miter style doors and 20 special door models. We have 70 different Frame and Mullion door options. 12" Radius Doors are also available.

FOIL COLORS: 36 different foil colors are available including solid colors, wood-grain colors, high gloss in solid and pattern colors, and metallic colors. Many of our competitors use thinner foils, showing telegraphing, revealing a rough texture where the door has been machined. Ask and compare!

EXPERIENCE: Since 1988, Maple Craft USA has been offering the best quality thermoforming products available anywhere. With a highly talented work force, MCUSA continues to lead the industry in offering what is new, cutting edge, and the next wave of design in this part of the industry.


Maple Craft USA is leading the way in the thermoplastic door industry! We are committed to providing customers the best, highest quality products available anywhere. Our manufacturing process includes sophisticated, computer-assisted machinery.

PRODUCTION ABILITIES: Thermoplastic door production has been developing quickly, giving rise to the development of additional related products.

ENVIRONMENTALLY AWARE: We are conscious of the environment and concerned about our future! Therefore we recycle most production waste (i.e. Medium Density Fiberboard, particle board, our PVC foil waste, and any metals and papers).

Foil Thickness
Height and Width Tolerance
• Regular finishes: .4 mm (.016")
• Special finishes: .5 mm (.020")
• High gloss finishes: .75 mm (.030")
• +/- .5 mm (.020")
Warp Tolerance Per Linear Foot
• +/- 8 mm (1/32")
MDF Thickness
Heat Resistance
• 19 mm (3/4") with Melamine back
• 25.4 mm (1") must be used on certain models and profiles
• 85º C (185º F)

How To Order Thermofoil Cabinet Doors
(Click on links below for pop-up window containing detailed specifications of each option.)

1. Download our latest PDF which allows you to tab through the information blocks and type your answers. We suggest you save it to your computer desktop, then attach the completed PDF quote form in an email to us. (Be sure to have the latest version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded here.)

2. If you prefer to view the full catalog, download this PDF. Otherwise, continue steps #3 through #11 below in order to view each segment of the catalog as you complete your Order/Quote Form.

3. Select your Foil Color and Finish from over 100 choices including Italian Lacquer and Glaze.

4. Choose a Door Design. Choose from #1 (Square), #2 (Arch), #3 (Cathedral), or #4 (Half Circle). The Door Design in the routing pattern at the top of the door. You may also specify if you want these doors to be made as a Frame Only (F/O) or a Mullion Doors with 4 Lites (4L), 6 Lites (6L), 8 Lites (8L), or another special type of mullion.

5. Choose an Interior Profile. Choose 40+ profiles - rounded or square corners, flat panels, shaker profiles, miter profiles, and more! The Interior Profile is the routing pattern on the inside of the panel. The more passes that we take with the our CNC routers the more detailed and specialized the profile.


6. Special Models. These doors are so unique that they stand alone! We have 20+ door designs that are considered "special, set apart, unique". CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW FOR LARGE COLOR PHOTOS AND SPECIFICATIONS:
7. Choose an Edge Profile (or exterior profile). Choose from 20+ profiles. The Edge Profile is the outside edge of the door.

8. Special Options for Cabinet Doors include Finger Pulls, Appliance & Multiple Panels, Drilling for Hinges, and Custom Frames.

9. Drawer Front Information. Learn more about how thermofoil drawer fronts are made.

10. Accessories to complete your project include Foil and Edgebanding, Moldings (Decorative, Trim, Crown), Valances, Fillers, Rosettes, and Heatshield Fillers.

Custom Abilities are available. We can produce other thermoformed products. Email us your custom drawings for other items at or fax us at 800-756-9077.

We look forward to working with you on your upcoming Thermoplastic Cabinet Door project!

Product Care and Maintenance
Thermoplastic doors can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. However, as with any quality product, there are certain precautions you can take to preserve its value.

Avoid the use of harsh chemicals, such as lacquer thinner, bleach or cleansers containing solvents or abrasives; especially avoid products containing tolylene or acetone.

Avoid bumping or hitting surface with a sharp object, since it could result in a permanent indentation or cut. In the event of abuse, minor surface scratches can sometimes be removed depending on the severity of the damage. The following is recommended:

  1. Rub the scratched area with a high grade polishing compound.

  2. Polish the area with a carnuba based wax.

  3. Repair kits are available from paint companies specializing in touch-up paints

Avoid exposure of doors and drawers to high heat. To ensure against damage to doors or drawers, as well as to comply with our product warranty, please do the following:

  1. When broiling with oven door open, open doors and drawers of adjacent cabinets to minimize exposure to high heat.

  2. Since the door seals on some ranges and ovens allow high heat to escape during the self-cleaning cycle, as a precaution, open or remove doors and drawers of adjacent cabinets during the self-cleaning cycle.

  3. Be aware of countertop appliances such as boilers, toasters and toaster ovens that create high heat conditions. They should not be directly under doors of overhead cabinets while in use.
5-Year Warranty
1. General Terms and Conditions

Maple Craft USA guarantees its products against yellowing, delamination or any apparent or hidden defect that might affect their quality of cause premature deterioration. The following conditions apply:

2. Duration

This guarantee is valid for a period of 5 years following the date of purchase.

3. Exclusions

This guarantee does not apply:

3.1 When damages are caused:

  • by misuse or abuse of the product by the buyer
  • by improper installation or exposure to the elements
  • by any modification, transformation, alteration, or correction of the product without a written authorization from Maple Craft USA.
  • by exposure to a temperature over 85ºC (185ºF)

3.2 To any deterioration of the product resulting from normal wear.

3.3 To any indirect damage and inconvenience, or any incident relating to the costs of installation and transportation, or any other costs relative to the application of this guarantee.

4. Execution of Guarantee

For the duration of this guarantee, in order to exercise his rights, the buyer shall notify Maple Craft USA without delay of any defect in the product and shall provide proof of purchase or the back of this present certificate properly completed. The buyer shall not make any repairs before Maple Craft USA has had an opportunity to examine the product.

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